Manage Specifications

Organize item specifications by area, attach images, request client approvals, and create project budgets.

Create and Send Orders

Generate purchase and change orders, send them directly to vendors with acknowledge receipt, and automatically status update requests.

Track Invoices and Accounting

Manage invoices, verify amounts against purchase orders, track payments and generate payment requests for clients.


Centralized Project Information

Manage budgets, specifications, purchase orders and accounting in one system. A dashboard view notifies you and your team when items require attention and action.

Reduced Duplicate Data Entry

No more copy and paste between systems. The spreadsheet upload feature lets you import multiple specifications into projects. Add items you find online quickly to your projects by installing a browser plug in.

Automated Order Updates

Send purchase orders directly to vendors and see confirmation of receipt. Automated emails are sent to vendor prior to milestones to confirm dates and update shipment tracking information.

Online and Accessible

Centralsense first launched in 2007 as the first online procurement tool to integrate designers, purchasing agents and vendors. Our latest system is accessible through smartphones and tablets.

Pricing That Scales With You

Centralsense pricing is based on your volume of procurement. Plans begin at $500, for up to $250,000 in purchasing.

Get Started Right Away

The design of our systems reflect our goal in simplifying the procurement process. Get started on Centralsense with minimal onboarding, strong support features and intuitive interfaces.


Specification Management

  • Upload multiple items through spreadsheet
  • Assign to multiple budget areas
  • Track estimated and actual costs
  • Attach images

Purchase Orders

  • Route orders for approval
  • Send directly to vendors
  • Create change orders
  • Show redlined differences between purchase and change orders (March 2019)

Invoices and Payment Requests

  • Manage and track vendor invoices
  • Validate invoices and payments against order totals
  • Send payment requests directly to clients with all necessary information.


  • Budgets
  • Invoices
  • Expediting
  • Spec Book


Our simple pricing model makes it easy to incorporate the cost of your software into your procurement projects. A fee based on the total procurement value gives you access to all features for unlimited users.

Pricing begins at $500 per $250,000 in procurement.

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CentralSense was the first online hospitality procurement system launched in 2007. Our clients manage over $65,000,000 of purchasing annually for hotel, residential and restaurant projects.


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