Where design and procurement connect.

Through both social media and our procurement systems, Decurate will connect your products to buyers.

We develop online content based on your accessories, casegoods, seating, and other hospitality design products. Every post is linked to an online catalog with detailed item specifications.

Designers and procurement agents will edit and provide project information. They will organize items and send bid requests to your sales team. Sales can efficiently respond with quotes.

Buyers can download your catalog as a mobile app, where your products are readily available for them to specify.

Connect with our experienced technology and marketing staff to discuss the right solution for you.

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Social Products

Leading buyers to procurement depends on your social media platforms.

Your social media can do more for your business than you realize. Pages and feeds are an opportunity to raise awareness about your products and provide information to buyers.

Decurate can manage product posts and link them to online specifications. Designers and agents can learn about your products and start the procurement process.

Our digital media team creates posts as images, videos and even interactive 3D, optimized for every social media platform including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others.

Trust us to share your product story with buyers.

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Products become part of your social media feeds and linked to specifications.

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Specify and Quote

Close deals efficiently using our specification and quote tools

As designers and agents learn about your products, they can edit specifications and organize items in project folders.

Your sales representatives save time gathering information and responding with a quote.

Our systems are based on CentralSense, the first web-based specification and procurement tool for hospitality design.

Let us help close the sales cycle faster than ever.

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Buyers can see customization options and submit specifications for a quote.

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Mobile Catalogs

Apps keep buyers connected to your products.

With our mobile catalog solutions, your products can be readily accessible through smartphones and tablets.

Buyers can access your products and request quotes from anywhere.

Designers and agents can start work with your sales representatives anytime.

Let us simplify how clients find your products and stay connected.

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Buyers can download your catalog to their smartphone and easily request new quotes.

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Our Mission

Technology is used as a tool to empower staff, build skills, and grow as professionals, in our businesses and communities. We apply over a decade of hospitality design and procurement industry experience to every service we provide. We are committed to helping businesses grow by enabling direct communication with buyers.

Our Expertise

We maximize your marketing and technology investment.

Decurate applies over a ten years of hospitality design and procurement experience. Our solutions are designed to adapt and expand both your technology and marketing investments.

Creating content can be a challenge, but we can help by providing hospitality industry posts. Videos and images from existing marketing campaigns are connected to your social media. Any and all information of future trade shows will be connected to you and then properly scheduled.

Our technology team can work with yours to syndicate content on all your platforms. Our digital media team can work with your marketing and design teams to integrate your existing content, branding and image assets.

We can help unify your information on your website and email newsletters.

CentralSense users can seamlessly request bids and import specifications into their projects.

Trust us to maintain your customer connection.

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Our team members have been developing integrated web-based marketing and technology solutions for hospitality procurement since 2007.

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Your Products

Decurate is a division of CentralSense, a company with over a decade of providing information technology platforms for hospitality procurement.

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